Protect Yourself from Automotive Fraud

Protect Yourself from Automotive Fraud

If you are considering the idea of buying a used car, then you need to know about what you are going to face. Usually, auto dealers misrepresent information connected with the vehicle and very often they do this unknowingly. So, it falls to the car buyer to investigate the matter clearly, to do a separate research to be able to have facts to rely on.

Automotive fraud is the unity of unlawful acts which are carried out by the dealer to make extra profit form the deal using the naivety of the unsuspecting buyers. Auto dealer fraud may occur at any stage of buying a used car, though new car buyers are not insured not to have such experiences. There are lots of types of automotive fraud, such as; “yo-yo financing and spot delivery scams, “bait and switch practices,” “odometer fraud,” etc.

Following are some basic tips which will help you avoid automotive fraud when buying a used car;

  • Decide to yourself how much you are going to give for the car. Having decided a certain amount of money will help you feel confident during car price negotiations. One way to avoid automotive fraud is doing your preliminary research on car models and prices. A dealer can never deceive an informed buyer by, for example, lying him about the car’s real price.
  • Before buying a used car, make sure you know what kind of “add-ons” you are going to be offered to. A type of automotive fraud involves offering the car customer unnecessary “add-ons.” Thus, in order to avoid automotive fraud, decide whether you really need this or that “add-on” or not.
  • Another way to avoid automotive fraud when buying a used car is paying a close attention to the problem of car financing. Car purchasers usually turn to the dealership for the car financing, however, turning to a bank is more effective as it will save you from paying high interest rates and it will also encourage you to be more confident in car price negotiations, as you will not depend on the dealer’s mercy.
  • Avoid automotive fraud by reading the car-related documents really very carefully. Be careful before putting your signature on that dotted line.

Buying a car whether it is a used one or not, is a great event in one’s life, so let’s make it be a real pleasure for us to own a car. Educate yourself in order to avoid automotive fraud.