How to Avoid Auto Warranty Scams

How to Avoid Auto Warranty Scams

There are some ways to avoid auto warranty scams: investigate, verify references, and verify independently. Spend some time and efforts to lessen the risk of becoming a victim of auto warranty scams. Be more informed and better protected.

When it comes to purchasing an auto warranty, write down all the services included. Seek for details on participating auto garages. Pay close attention to the length of coverage that is provided, both in mileage and in years.

Ensure that you have read the fine print to find out who is responsible for payment to the auto garage at the time the service is provided. Stay away from any agreement requiring paying the costs directly with a promise of later reimbursement. The risk of auto fraud is very high with these types of arrangements. Ask if there are any limits on the year, model and make of vehicle that is eligible for this coverage. Air conditioning, power trains usually have different time frames and mileage values, along with a detailed list of exactly what components are covered.

Make contact with at least four different auto garages which take part in the program. Visit one and talk with the service staff to prove that the warranty coverage would be honored. All auto mechanic licenses should be posted. If you do not see any, then this is an unlicensed shop and you should not purchase the auto warranty.

The most common auto warranty scams offer complete vehicle coverage, with no restrictions on time or mileage, for a reasonable fee. There are no restrictions on the auto garages that you can use and all fees are due upon signing. Remember that auto warranties offered by companies based in another country are rarely legitimate. Due to their location, it will be very difficult to sue them if required. Save your money and avoid these types of programs.
However if you have already become a victim of auto warranty scams, your prudent choice is contacting an experienced Los Angeles car fraud attorney for valuable help and consultation.