Top 5 Auto Scams to Avoid

Top 5 Auto Scams to Avoid

A car purchase is rather a responsible and time-consuming process. Not only should you think upon and choose which model fits your lifestyle best, but also you should be informed and beware of auto frauds. Auto scams can spoil the whole pleasure of your car purchase: nobody likes to be defrauded, especially when money is involved. So being informed about the most common car dealer frauds will save you both money and nerves.

Scam1. Advertised Price Increase

According to the law a dealer is entitled to sell a vehicle only for the advertised price, i.e. price that has been mentioned in the window stickers or media ads. Sometimes dealers increase the car price by including prices for other items as well, which raises the total price of the vehicle.

Scam2. A Used Car Fraud

A used car fraud is also a common one. A used vehicle that satisfies certain requirements is labeled as “certified’’ and guaranteed that it’s in good state and defect-free. But some vehicles which do not meet the standards are qualified and then sold as “certified” ones.

Scam3. Used or New?

The dealership must label a vehicle either as “new” or “used”, but often the “used” vehicles are sold under “new” ones. Besides, a returned car (which may be used as well)  may be listed as new.

Scam4. Included Accessories

Dealers sometimes tell the clients that extra monthly payments for car accessories such as alarms, service contracts, window etching, low jack are obligatory. So be informed that accessories are optional and it is up to you whether to pay for them or not.

Scam5. The Contract Language

According to the Civil Code if a car lease/purchase is initially negotiated in Spanish, then a Spanish translation of the contract must be sent to the customer before signing the English language variant of the contract. Now this law refers to Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Korean.

Know your rights and you will avoid any car dealer fraud!