Dealer Auto Scam Revealed

Dealer Auto Scam Revealed

Peter Moutafis the owner of Riverhead Suzuki, also known as Moutafis Motors and Prestigious Motors, has been charged with the auto scam for filing fake warranty claims for vehicle repairs. According to the police, these repairs were never performed.

Police claim that Moutafis, 35, the car dealership owner created bogus records of mechanical failures on the used vehicles with extended warranties bought at his dealership. Later without the owners’ knowledge, the dealership owner fraudulently billed warranty companies for repair work done by the dealership.

Police reported that yesterday Moutafis, of 181 Cranford Blvd., surrendered to Seventh Precinct detectives and was charged with insurance fraud, grand larceny, falsifying business records, and possession of a forged instrument, police said.


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