Auto Repair Fraud: Basic Precautions.

Auto Repair Fraud: Basic Precautions.

Today modern automobiles are compound, highly technical machines. Many car owners have no idea on how to repair or maintain their own vehicles. This fact makes the process of deceiving consumers more easy and they become victims of auto repair fraud.

Every owner of a vehicle should take precautions when taking a car to the repair shop. Here are the basic steps you should keep in mind:

•    Require a written value before you authorize repairs – In most states it is necessary that a repair shop gives a written estimate when it exceeds $100 and contacts the car owner before exceeding the estimate by $10 or 10%, whichever is greater.

•    Require a repair guarantee – As you are at the repair process, acquire all guarantees in the written form.

•    Make a background check on the repair shop – Get some information about a repair shop. Before taking your car to the repair shop. Make certain they are registered with the state in order to avoid auto reapir fraud. Your state government has records of complaints filed against car shops. Examine them!

•    Don’t overpay for unnecessary repairs – Never give instructions to the repair shop what repairs are needed unless you are sure your car needs these repairs, otherwise you will surely overpay.

•    Take your car to different shops – Save hundreds of dollars by shopping around for the best deal.

•    Find a car repair shop with certified auto mechanics – Do not hurry! Spend time to find an honest repair shop with certified professionals.

•    Save money by asking for used parts Do not forget to ask for your cars’ replaced parts.

•    Does the repair shop look unprofessional or untidy? – As a rule all high-quality repair shops are clean and organized and their employees behave in a professional manner. Honest repair shops will never insist on making unnecessary repairs and will answer any questions you may ask and will surely provide written estimates and guarantees.

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