Auto Fraud: The Price Is Wrong

In 2004, a lady won a new 2004 Pontiac GTO Coupe when she was participating on the show “The Price is Right”. After driving the car for about a year she took it in for service and there she learned that the car was previously wrecked and repaired.  The Associated Press reported  informed last week that the lady filed a lawsuit against the game show as well as auto dealer who sold her the car.

It turned out that the car dealer knew that the vehicle had been wrecked. They had repaired it and passed it off to this contest winner, ripping her off for potentially thousands of dollars. This type of auto fraud cases happen every day all over the United States.

Car consumers don’t always realize how competitive the cat market is in the U.S. or how much money is involved in buying and selling cars. They don’t realize that  people who work in the car industry and automobile dealers can be greedy, and will try to mislead consumers and take advantage of them and it’s simply viewed as  a legitimate way to do business.