Detect Most Common Auto Dealer Scams

Detect Most Common Auto Dealer Scams

Are you planning to buy or lease a new car?

Take into account that you are not going to deal with Mr. Honesty.

In order to avoid being cheated you should be aware of the most common auto dealer scams. I will now give you useful hints for detecting common auto dealer scams and tricks, and provide you with car buying tips.

  • The first and foremost effective way of deceiving a car buyer is the dealer’s acting on the buyer’s nerves. If you choose to visit a car dealer and test drive a car without yet the intention of buying it, your dealer is sure to chase you until the end of your life. The often phone calls will bore you so much as to make you go and buy that car without even looking at its price.

Car buying tips for this scenario:

a) Do not give your phone number to the salesperson.

b) Give them a polite refusal or ask to show something better.

  • Another car dealer scam involves using strong emotional pressure. The salesman will allow you not only to test drive the car but also to take it home for 24 hours under the pretence of testing it more closely. Here accordingly, you will get attached to the car and will be again seduced to purchase it.

Car buying tips for this scenario:

a) Never be so tempted as to take home a car which you do not yet own.

  • Usually, car salesmen try to shift your attention from the price to the payment. Car dealers get additional incomes from payment buyers. They may be tempting you with a $370 monthly payment without caring to inform you about the life-long period (e.g. 60 months) you should be paying it.

Car buying tips for this scenario:

a) Be an attentive buyer. Stay focused on the price you will be paying and not on the monthly payment.

  • While shipping in eBays and other motor car websites you will frequently come across advertisements offering the car of your dream in so low a price you cannot imagine. Naturally you try to contact with the seller who is sure to inform you they “just sold the car” and can offer you “a very similar model” costing $5000 more.

Car buying tips:

a)     Do more research and try to buy a car from a more trustworthy dealer.

b)     Call the dealership and ask for the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (it should be included in the advertisement).

  • Recently, we’ve heard a lot about a scam thousands of auto dealers practice. The scenario is as follows; you find a car, and then fill in the loan application. It seems that all of the paperwork is done. You even take the car home, when suddenly you receive a phone call informing that your request had been approved but at a higher interest rate. Now, of course you are unable to get out of the loan as you have already signed the document.

Car buying tips:

a) Lend money from a credit union or online provider instead of putting yourself under the dealership’s mercy.

  • Sometimes dealers tell the buyer their credit score is too low and they need a co-signer of the paper. Soon they arrange papers in such a way that the co-signer becomes the first name in the loan.

Car buying tips:

a) Be there with your co-signer while putting your signatures.

Hope, these tips on common auto dealer scams will help you avoid being trapped by unjust people.