The Dealership Lied to Me. What Should I Do?

Buying a car is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research and awareness not to end up with a defective car. The unlawful and happen at any stage of a car purchase. Usually, the fraudulent tricks are so subtle or latent that the buyer might not even notice it at first. No matter at what stage of your purchase you were deceived and what type of fraudulent trick was implied by the dealership to cheat you, it can always result in consumer lawsuit. The most common auto dealer frauds practiced by shrew dealers include:

  • Intentionally not disclosing a car accident or hiding the repair history from a buyer.
  • Falsifying used vehicle certification records.
  • Lowering a car’s retail price in advertisements and not matching it when making a sale.
  • Rolling back odometer records to make the car appear to have a lower total mileage.
  • Financing scams, such as packed payments or spot delivery scam, which make you end up paying a lot more than you expected.

No one likes to be defrauded and made a fool of, as it is costly and humiliating. If you suspect that you were the victim of one of the above-mentioned scams used by car dealers, first and foremost, it will be wise to consult an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney.  A skillful dealer fraud attorney can provide you with thorough legal guidance in respect to your specific case. Generally, having your dealer fraud attorney contact with the dealer will be enough for the dealership to provide a favorable settlement, especially if the dealership had other complaints of fraudulent acts before.

Trying to cut corners and handle the issue alone will only make the situation even worse. Any hasty and impulsive step taken by you can simply result in providing water for the shrewd dealer’s mill. Instead, an attorney who specializes in dealer fraud will provide a professional remedy for the tough situation. He /she will help you collect evidence that the dealer lied to you and receive just compensation for the harm you suffered as a result of fraudulence.

So, in the event you are cheated by shrew car dealers, instead of falling into despair or trying to deal with the issue on your own it will be wise to turn to a skillful and experienced attorney for help. The knowledgeable dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law firm have decades of experience in disclosing dealer frauds and vigorously representing their clients to get the best compensation they deserve.