Auto Dealer Fraud: What are Your Options?

If you believe that you may be an auto dealer fraud victim, there are a number of steps you can take to enforce your legal rights. You have the following options:

Contacting the Dealer. In many states, if you believe that car dealer fraud was committed, you are required to contact the dealer and give them a chance to correct the problem before taking any legal action (such as filing a lawsuit). This contact may be initiated by you personally, or it may be made by your attorney, but it should be in writing and should clearly illustrate both the problem (i.e. the dealer’s failure of disclosing certain financing charges), and what steps you would like the dealer to take to resolve the problem (i.e. a partial refund of the vehicle purchase price).

Filing a State Agency Complaint. If you believe that you may have been an auto dealer fraud victim, you may want to file a complaint with a state agency that protects consumers’ rights in connection with vehicle purchases. It may be a consumer rights protection division of the state attorney general’s office or an agency specifically designated to handle complaints regarding auto dealers.

Getting an Attorney’s Help. If you recently bought a vehicle and you suspect that the dealer may have committed fraud during the sales process, you may want to speak with an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney. An auto dealer fraud attorney will evaluate your case and explain all your options – including what you can expect if you decide to file a lawsuit against an auto dealer – and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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