Auto Dealer Fraud Lawyer

Auto Dealer Fraud Lawyer

Fraud may be defined as a type of deception deliberately practised in order to gain unlawful profit. Auto dealer fraud involves deceiving vehicle consumers in order to secure the desired profit.

Unfortunately, car purchasers have to come across with such situations rather often these days.

Dealer fraud is a branch of fraud that is thriving very quickly and considerably nowadays. It involves different cases.

Following are some auto dealer fraud cases:

  • One common case of dealer fraud is advertising and/or selling unnecessary car equipment, add-ons, and accessories. Usually, dealerships charge high prices for these accessories. However, these add-ons are common things any car owner can buy whenever he/she needs, so there is no sense to buy something that you are not even likely to use.
  • Warranty fraud is another common example of dealer fraud. It involves failing to provide the customer with the warranty he/she has paid for. Warranty fraud may also mean failing to properly disclose what the warranty will cover.
  • Another case of auto dealer fraud is improper certification of the used cars. This involves advertising and selling a vehicle as a certified one when in reality it is not.

This is yet the minimal list of dealer fraud cases. When a car owner has to deal with any type of fraud, he/she usually gets into a panic. They do not know what to do or whom to contact. As a result, they end up sending letters where it is not advisable or they just sign papers offered by the dealers that confuse the situation even more.

The only person you had better contact with is an experienced dealer fraud lawyer. If you have been ripped off by a dealer, never forget about the chances you have to recover your money. An experienced dealer fraud lawyer will help you in achieving that goal.

Hovanes Margarian is an auto dealer fraud lawyer and the founder of the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian. This is a California based law firm that deals with auto dealer fraud and lemon law cases.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of dealer fraud, turn to the help of the lawyer.