Auto Dealer Fraud is More Common Today

auto dealer fraudAuto dealer fraud is becoming more and more common in our country. The dealer tactics that are being used are so sly that even those consumers who are informed about all kinds of dealer tricks and scams are being taken for hundreds, and often thousands, of dollars.

Thus, at the expense of consumers car dealers add many millions of dollars each year to their profits by practicing auto dealer fraud. Of course, some profit is necessary, however, consumers are being ripped off beyond reasonable and are buying a lot of useless add-on products and services, the unnecessary markup of vehicle prices, the hidden inflation of loan terms and by other means.

Evidence from recent litigation, industry insiders and consumer complaints show that, unfortunately, these fraudulent practices are not restricted to only a few areas or dealerships. Which is even worse, it is very likely that deceitful trends are spreading as more and more dealerships become part of major conglomerates.