What to do when an Auto Dealer deceives you?

Auto Dealer Defrauds You

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, you expect honesty from them. The dealer or the salesperson should follow the law when selling you a vehicle. But if the auto dealer cheats you, you need to know your legal rights so that you can expect remedies for that.

There are different ways a dealership may use to cheat car buyers. Following are some of them:

Non-Disclosure of Car-related Information

One common car dealer fraud type is hiding crucial facts about the vehicle from the potential buyer. In some cases, a dealer may not inform the buyer that the vehicle at issue is not a brand new car but a demo vehicle. In other cases, the dealer may not tell the buyer that the vehicle he/she is going to buy is a previous Lemon Law Buyback. In the same way, the dealer or the salesperson may fail to warn you about a Salvage titled vehicle or a flooded one and so on.

Car Advertisement Fraud

Another type of fraud an auto dealer may cheat you with is advertisement fraud. There are a number of car advertisement tricks that a dealer might use, such as; bait and switch. Bait and switch involve tempting a person with a dream car in a newspaper advertisement and then offering them another car of inferior quality at the dealership.

We should also mention about the advertisement of special equipment and add-ons by the dealer. Usually, these add-ons are unnecessary things that a driver can buy anytime if needed.

Warranty Fraud

Another common car dealer fraud is warranty fraud. Dealerships usually offer warranties with used vehicles. These documents are also known as service contracts. The problem is that not all dealerships follow the points mentioned in those contracts, i.e. they fail to make the necessary repairs. In more severe cases they fail to provide the driver with the purchased warranty at all. Learn more about warranty fraud here.

As you can see, there are numerous ways a dealer may cheat you. If you think your auto dealer deceives you, you should contact an auto dealer fraud lawyer for legal help.The Margarian Law Firm is a California based full-service law firm that successfully handles all kinds of cases. When auto dealer fraud clients come to see us, they need to bring the following documents:

  • All purchase documents, including the contract and DMV paperwork and a piece called “Buyers Guide”
  • Any receipts from a mechanic or a repair facility

Note that we do not want our clients to

  • Go and complain of their own
  • Write letters to anyone
  • Sign anything (Sometimes the dealer that committed the fraud makes them sign papers that do not let them take legal actions. Usually they sign these papers without knowing what they are signing.)

We want our clients to come to us, give us all the paperwork that they have and let us protect their rights, trying to get proper remedies for them. Call us today at (818)-553-1000.