Auto Advertisement Scams: Add-ons and the Rest

Take any newspaper, there you will find any kind of auto dealer advertisements the majority of which is sure to be a fraud. In most cases, these auto dealer advertisements are more like marketing tricks because in the fine print of the advertisement there is always the right information. That’s why fine prints in most auto dealer advertisements are very tiny and hardly readable. If there is no fine print or anything similar justifying the advertisement then the dealership may be punished by law. So, while reading auto dealer advertisements, especially those ones seeming too good to be true, be careful to find and read the fine print as well.

Now let’s discuss different types of auto dealer advertisements which come to be auto advertisement scams:

  • One of the most common auto advertisement scams involves advertising a car with, for example, $5000 or $6000 off MSRP. A naïve car buyer will consider this a fine deal and will rush out to get the vehicle. But the truth is that this $5000 or $6000 is just the manufacturer’s actual rebate to the MSRP. This means no penny was dropped off from the actual cost of the car. This is a common trick and this $5000 or $6000 can be replaced with any rebate amount for the particular car.
  • There is a set of auto dealer advertisements which are rather funny. One advertisement from this list is advertising a vehicle up to 60/70% below MSRP. The only thing the advertisers “forget” to mention is that the vehicle is a used one having 80,000 miles on its odometer.
  • Another advertisement scam for those having low credit scores. The advertiser will say all credit scores are welcome. The main goal of this advertisement is to make a car buyer come to the dealership. Here he will be told he doesn’t qualify for the car he wants but he can look at some other models he does qualify for. By the way, this advertisement scam is very similar to “Bait and Switch.”
  • Now about one of the most common auto advertisement scams. You come to the dealership, find the car you need, negotiate the price etc. Suddenly, you are offered to get car add-ons for extra payment. These add-ons involve rust-proofing spraying, alarms, paint protection, extended warranties etc. We should note that the majority of these products should be included in the car price and not sold as extra equipment.

These auto advertisement scams are not yet all. We will keep informing you about latest auto dealer scams and tricks.

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