Some of the Most Aggressive Dealer Tricks

Some of the Most Aggressive Dealer Tricks

Some dishonest dealers sometimes get tired of practicing sly and calm dealer scams, so they switch to aggressive dealer tricks. Such kinds of tricks usually involve strong emotional impact on the consumer and them very often put the buyers into inconvenient and awkward situations. The most common aggressive dealer tricks are the following;

  • One of the most common aggressive dealer scams is trying to convince the car consumers that they are losing money on the deal. The dealer will certainly cry a river for you to make you believe he doesn’t make any profit from the deal. Think! Is that possible? It is YOU and not the dealer who spends thousands of dollars to buy a car. So, be careful not to believe to such stories.
  • In another scenario of aggressive dealer tricks, the dealer will force the customer into buying the car by just quoting a price and telling the buyer that it is for that day only. The terrorized buyer will have no way out if not buying the vehicle.

If you are stuck in a similar situation just start negotiating the car price, tell the dealer you will buy the car the same day if they agree to lower the price. However, if you do not have cash or you just don’t plan to buy the car on that exact day, never mind! There will always be a dealership which will be able to offer better deals.

  • Very often car dealers hypnotize the buyers by the expression “We have got another buyer as well.” This expression very often really works for the dealer’s benefit. Telling the customer that the car model is in shortage or that there is another better offer for the vehicle is another one of the aggressive dealer tricks. Even if the dealer is not lying, do not rush to buy the car, there will always be a better vehicle for you.
  • The last but not least is the car dealer scam which can also be considered to be one of the most aggressive dealer tricks. It is when after the negotiations had taken place, the dealer suddenly surprises you with a new price higher than the negotiated one. He will then try to convince you that there are fees and payments you didn’t consider yet. So, be attentive not to fall a victim of such a scam as well.

These were the common dealer scams practiced by the dealers to get you react spontaneously and often awkwardly to their offers. Be careful!