Top 6 Used Car Buying Tips


Purchasing a used car is an attractive option for many people. In this way, you can save a considerable sum of money and become the owner of your dream car. However, it is not an easy task to purchase a reliable used car nowadays. The reason is that you can come across car dealers that use various tricks to sell used cars that have defects. These deceitful practices occur frequently nowadays and unfortunately, an increased number of buyers get into these traps.  In fact, there are a lot of things to consider before making the final decision.  In order to guide you through this complicated process, we want to provide you with 6 used car buying tips.

A manufacturer-certified vehicle versus a dealer-certified vehicle

Before purchasing a used car you should decide whether to choose a manufacturer-certified vehicle or a dealer-certified vehicle. So, which one is the most reliable option for you? Actually, you had better obtain a manufacturer-certified automobile, as it is more reliable. These cars usually experience a strict testing process. One of the advantages of the vehicles certified by manufacturers is your protection in case the dealership goes out of business. Furthermore, manufacturer-certified automobiles frequently have the same perks as new cars, including roadside assistance and loaner cars.


You should decide exactly how much money you are willing to spend for purchasing a used vehicle. You should keep in mind that the purchase price is only the start. Be aware that you will have to deal with other costs as well, for instance, fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

Explore the vehicle’s history

Another essential point of consideration is exploring the vehicle’s history in a proper way. As a result, you will have an access to a valuable piece of information regarding the past life of the vehicle. In this way, you will make sure that the car isn’t stolen or encumbered by an outstanding loan. The only step you should take is checking against the databases in the state, where the current car is registered.  This is a very simple process. You just need the VIN number of the used car that you are about to purchase.

Proper inspection is needed

It is essential to avoid organizing inspections when it is dark. In fact, only during the daylight, you will be able to notice certain defects of the vehicle. Among these defects are dents, rust, body marks etc. Make sure that the vehicle lacks any signs of welding and paint overspray. This may be the indication that automobile has experienced repairs. Pay attention to gaps between the body panels of the car. Typically, these gaps are equal. If you don’t notice it, in this case, there is a reason for concern.

Look inside the vehicle and ensure that the seatbelts of the car work normally and lack any damages. Don’t forget about the upholstery, as well as trim and carpets. If a used car is in good condition, you will see no signs of wear. Also, consider checking all the tyres and look under the vehicle to be sure that no oil leaks exist.  As a matter of fact, a professional inspection is a wise decision for used car buyers. That’ why, you had better insist on having a full professional inspection. Today the majority of garages carry out pre-purchase inspections. When the professional completes the inspection, you will get a report that contains detailed information about any repairs that you need to make.

Determine the value of the used car

If you want to have a clear idea about the market value of the used car exploring the Kelly Blue Book is always a good idea.  It is an important index of used vehicle values. You can have an access to the worth of the vehicle in different conditions. In addition to that, you will find out about its price in your concrete area. The only thing that you need to do is entering certain information into the Blue Book’s online search tool. It includes the model, mileage and production year of the vehicle.

Don’t forget to test drive

Typically, test-drive is an effective way of having a clear idea about the condition of the vehicle. It can have a significant impact on your decision-making process. When you start driving the vehicle, you should be sure that no irregular noises are typical of the engine. Another useful tip is driving the car at highway speeds. This experiment will help you form an opinion about the performance of the vehicle on various road surfaces.

In conclusion, nowadays it is important to be a well-informed consumer. The familiarity with the above mentioned used car buying tips is your key to purchasing a reliable vehicle.