5 Amazing Car Buying Tips for 2016

Whether you are buying new or used, buying a car is a serious step that should be pre-planned and well-researched. Follow the given 5 amazing car buying tips to purchase the right car for you in 2016.

Set a budget when determining car buying tips

Know your budget to be able to see whether you can afford the given vehicle or not. Setting a budget before entering a showroom will help you feel more confident when negotiating a car price. In general terms, setting a budget for a car is allocating nearly 20% of your household income to all the vehicles that are driven by your family members.

Set a list of preferred cars

Among useful tips for buying a car is setting a list of preferred cars. Of course, it is not right to get fixed on a certain make and model, but setting a list of car choices is a good idea. First of all, you need to research features that you think your vehicle should have. Besides, inquire about average car prices and look for cars that cost up to 7% less than you can afford so that you can save on insurance and other similar expenses.

New or used?

Decide whether you want a new or a used vehicle. Consider all the benefits and drawbacks of both choices to be able to make the right decision. Here is an article that may help you with deciding whether to buy new or used – http://dealerfraud.org/new-car-vs-used-car-which-one-is-better/.

Choose a car financing option

Whatever car financing option you choose, do not turn to the dealership for financing. Some dealers make huge money on car financing. It is easy to cheat a potential buyer by offering them low interest rates first and then prolonging the loan period for many months.

Test drive, negotiate and buy

Test driving a car to see whether it is really the one that you need should be followed by negotiating the car price and filling in the paperwork. Among the most important tips for buying a car is reading all the documents carefully and asking for their copies. Make sure the copies of the documents are in a safe place so that they are not stolen.

These are 5 tips for buying a car in 2016. Make sure you follow these tips when buying a used or a new car.