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Improper certification of used cars

Odometer Fraud

Rolling back a vehicle’s odometer


Non-disclosure of previous damage

Vehicle Misrepresentation

Misleading advertising of a vehicle

Who we are

The Margarian Law Firm is a Glendale-based full-service law firm dealing with cases relating to Auto Dealer Fraud and the California Lemon Law and many more.


With a wide range of experience in the automotive industry, the lead attorneys Hovanes Margarian has acquired the knowledge and skill to vigorously represent you in all kind of dealer fraud cases.


If you feel you have been a victim of dealer fraud give us a call at (818) 553-1000 to schedule your free consultation. We take most of our cases on a contingency basis, meaning if we do not get results, you do not pay us a dime!


Car Dealer Fraud can lead to serious safety hazards and costly repairs. Attorneys at The Margarian Law Frim do not believe in taking unfair settlements and are ready to aggressively pursue the outcome that you deserve.
Hovanes Margarian

Hovanes Margarian

Founder and Lead Attorney

(818) 553-1000

Why Choose Us

We are experienced

The Margarian Law Firm has got over a decade of experience in the field of consumer protection, Lemon Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Real Estate and more.

We are skilled and knowledgeable and we are here for all your legal needs.

We never say “No”

We never refuse to take cases that involve complicated litigation, class action lawsuits, mass torts, and twisted auto dealer fraud scenarios. In addition, for all our consumer protection cases, we work on a contingency basis, meaning if we do not get results, you do not pay us anything!

We love to communicate

All our lawyers are eager to guide you through the process and keep you up to date regarding your case. If you do not speak English, that’s completely OK. We speak Armenian, Russian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

We are flexible

We understand that you may not be sure whether you want to file a claim or not. We also understand that you may want to learn what your chances are. So, we offer a free first consultation to answer all your questions and help you decide for yourself.

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Cases We Won

Total Amount of Recovery: $80,750.00
Attorneys: Hovanes Margarian, Esq.

Total Amount of Recovery: $226,738.00
Attorneys: Hovanes Margarian, Esq.

Our Facts

We have helped hundreds of customers to recover damages received due to the actions of fraudulent dealers. And we have helped them get millions of dollars in reimbursement.

If you believe you have been deceived by an auto dealer, feel free to contact us.

We offer a free first consultation and we mainly work on a contingency-fee basis i.e. you do not pay out-of-pocket: the dealer pays attorney’s fees in case we win the case for you.

Do not let anyone deceive you

Call us to schedule a free first consultation. Know your rights. Let us protect you from fraud.